Getting Your Data Into PostgreSQL

This website is designed to help you get the data from your various databases, SaaS tools, and other technologies into PostgreSQL (aka Postgres), the world’s most powerful open source database.

Getting your data into Postgres can be a complex task, especially for professionals with conflicting priorities and limited time. The process involves setting up a Postgres database server, creating the necessary destination tables, extracting data from third-party sources like SaaS apps, APIs, and other databases, loading that data into Postgres, and keeping the data up to date as it changes.

This website was created to make this process easier to understand and more manageable.  Click any of the links below to see detailed instructions (including API information, sample data, and load instructions) for how to connect that source to Postgres and begin streaming data.

If you’re interested in learning how to stream data from any of these sources into other destinations, check out our sister sites,, and

Exploring Other Data Warehouses?

Depending on your needs, Postgres may or may not be the right tool for the job. If you’re curious about how to load data like this into other data warehouses, check out our companion site To Redshift, which details how to stream the data sources above into Amazon’s popular Redshift data warehousing platform.

Looking to make it all easier?

Stitch is an online service that allows you to start streaming data from all the services listed above (and more) to data warehouses like Postgres, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery with just a few clicks. Click here to try Stitch for free.